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Course book

The recommended course book is Introduction to Data Compression by Khalid Sayood. Both the fourth edition (ISBN 978-0-12-415796-5) and the third edition (ISBN 978-0-12-620862-7) can be used.

In this course we will cover roughly the first 1/3 of Sayood's book. The rest of the book will be used in the course TSBK02 Bild- och ljudkodning

The third edition of Sayood's boook is available in electronic form:

See the reading instructions for the relevant chapters in Sayood's book.

Other electronic books


At the university library the following books can be found
  • Khalid Sayood, "Introduction to Data Compression"
  • Hankerson, Harris, Johnson, "Introduction to Information Theory and Data Compression"
  • Rolf Johannesson, "Informationsteori - grundvalen för (tele-)kommunikation"
  • Thomas Cover & Joy Thomas, "Elements of Information Theory"
  • David Salomon, "Data compression : the complete reference"
  • Adam Drozdek, "Elements of data compression"
  • Mark Nelson, "The data compression book"
  • James Storer, "Data compression: methods and theory"
  • Gilbert Held, "Data and image compression: tools and techniques"

Other material

Lecture notes

All lecture notes will be published here during the course.


Links to articles and documents about data compression.

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