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Lecture program

The lecture program is preliminary. There might be some changes.
Nr Date Topic(s) Lecturer
1 Nov 1 Introduction. Course details, global networks, Internet - Background and history, The basic principles, Layers - from modulation to application, Internet usage, Internet devices RF
2 Nov 3 Network-of-networks. Physical layer, Link layer, Small networks - Ethernet, Big networks - Internet. Network layer, Routing, Management RF
3 Nov 8 Transport and Application layers. UDP, TCP, DHCP. Special-purpose networks, NAT, MPLS, Mobile IP, Networks for IoT GX
4 Nov 10 Optical Networking - Transmission and components. Fiber optic cables, propagation issues, transmission windows, optical communication elements, optical amplifier, regeneration, TDM, WDM, CWDM, DWDM, optical layer, client layers for WDM networks. GX
5 Nov 15 Optical Networking - The Internet backbone. Telecom network hierarchy, different generations of optical networks, optical network node and switching elements, wavelength routed network, RWA problem, wavelength converter, static RWA problem, dynamic RWA problem. GX
6 Nov 17 Network economics. Current pricing situation in wireless access networks, utility and demand functions, arguments for usage-based rate, smart data pricing, time dependent pricing, waiting function, and price optimization problem. GX
7 Nov 22 Data center networks. Cloud computing, data center ingredients, advantages, and challenges, scalability problem in data center networks, interconnection network, Clos network, inter-datacenter networks. GX
8 Nov 24 Source coding and channel modeling. Sampling and quantization, lossy vs lossless compression, Distortion, MSE, SNR, JPEG, MPEG/H.265, Shannon limits, Gilbert-Eliott model, Transforming the best-effort channel. Error concealment. RF
9 Nov 29 Network security. Security model(s), attacks on different OSI layers, IP spoofing, IPsec, Internet Key Exchange, TLS session hijacking, SSL/TLS, GSM and 3G security, mobile IP security, DNS Cache poisoning, DNSSec. JÅL
10 Dec 1 Guest lecture. TBA
11 Dec 6 Streaming video, QoS applications. Real-time and other service/application/network requirements. Multicast, eMBMS, scalable streaming protocols, RTSP/RTP/RTCP, layered streaming, HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming (HAS), P2P streaming, QoS, and QoE. NC
12 Dec 8 Reserve.


GX Guilherme B Xavier
RF Robert Forchheimer
NC Niklas Carlsson
JÅL Jan-Åke Larsson

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