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Measuring subjective stress level with a mobile phone app

In recent years, salivary alpha-amylase (sAA) activity has emerged as a promising biomarker for stress and the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. We have developed novel, easy-to-use optical and electrochemical methods, based on the digestion of starch (polysaccharides) which will end up in a bio-sensor.

Basically, the subject adds his saliva to a paper containing the bio-sensor. By analyzing the color change of the paper and comparing it to a baseline established from the subject in a relaxed state of mind, the current stress level can be determined.

The goal of this project is to implement this functionality in a smartphone app, thus enabling easy-to-use, ubiquitous monitoring of stress levels to anyone interested.

This thesis is at the bachelor (kandidat) level.

Contact: Jens Ogniewski

Informationsansvarig: Harald Nautsch
Senast uppdaterad: 2020-10-09