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Center for Organic Electronics (COE)

The Center for Organic electronics (COE) is active in three areas: organic nanoelectronics (ONE), printed organic electronics (TOE) and organic optoelectronics (THREE), all utilizing organic polymers and molecules for creating electronic functions.

COE spans from polymer synthesis to electronic design via theory, spectroscopy and device physics. The first 9 months of COE have been dominated by rapid progress in the field of electrochemical devices printed on paper (TOE). Integration of the simulation activity with device manufacturing and characterisation has led to demonstration of a full family of logic functions, from NOR, NAND to oscillators.

The leader of the Center of Organic Electronics is Prof Olle Inganäs at IFM at Linkoping University.


COE seminar "Printing of plastic solar cells"
August, more details will come.

For more information see the COE homepage.

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